I explore our perception of external surroundings through reforming the structure of how we see and perceive.

I work with acrylic on wood and fabric, and through experimentation, have found an acrylic format that can be detached from backboard materials and hardened, facilitating linkages between installation materials and objects and allowing me to explore the intersection between two dimensional images and three dimensional installations.  This helps me create connections between structures and images to encourage and challenge our perception of imagery. I adopt and contemporise the cavalier perspective of ancient Chinese visual representation of space and time.  In doing so, the connections in my paintings link my exploration of our current cultural and visual experience and customs with ancient visual perspectives, whilst simultaneously connecting with the subject and thing in itself.  This dual connection creates and associative relationships and order between things.

In using this approach, I encourage the viewer to travel from one image to another, from one time to another, and from one space to another.  This process of seeing interacts with different spatial viewing logics and expectations.  The connected images are the fragments of what we experience both through time and our understanding of the external environment.